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Thanks for your interest in the new site, I really appreciate it!

In the video to the right, I answer a few common questions and explain the plans that I have in the works moving forward and have a special offer for you!   

In case you don't want to watch the video...here is the pitch... When the site launches, the fee will be $45/yr for the basic plan. In the future, a "Pro" and "VIP" plans will be available & I'll be sure to pass along a savings to you as well.

The offer for the "early birds" will be $25/yr.

If you are still interested, awesome! Simply click the button below, make the payment and I'll send you a coupon code when the site goes live. If you aren't interested at this time, no hard feelings and I thank you for your interest.


Future Testimonials

Backupspeaker.com saved the day! We found a great, qualified speaker to fill in with only days to go!

Kelli P | Conference Planner

Easily the best investment I've made in a long time! BackupSpeaker connected me with 2 conferences planners
that were in a bind and where I could help on short notice. Win-Win! 

David B. | Speaker

BackupSpeaker is a great resource at an affordable price!

Bradley C | Speaker